Company introduction

GUANGZHOU DUROWELDER Ltd. is founded by WELDING TECHNOLOGIES, USA and serves as its Manufacturing Plant in order to bring latest achievements in welding science and technology to the biggest market of welding equipment  in the world – China with a goal to support a demand for high quality equipment in the region and beyond.

Quality oriented design is produced by US trained technicians using state of the art facility in Guangzhou.

Our engineers make sure that all components are designed to the highest quality standards and tested in 3D
models prior to release for manufacturing. It eliminates possible mistakes in design, cut the cost and allows
us to produce price competitive welding machines with very short lead time.

Our products include full line of standard and custom made resistance welders, various arc welding and high degree automated systems,medium frequency and high frequency induction heating equipment,and so on.

Our Company is a certified ISO9001:2000 facility and holds various quality and safety Certificates, such as National Mandatory Safety System certificate of CCC, European CE and others.

Long list of customers includes such well known companies as Dow Chemical, USA; Eastern Manufacturing, USA; Electric-NPO, Russia; Eupa Co., Taiwan; General Motors North American and European Operations; Honeywell, USA; Harley Davidson Motor Co., USA; Lloyd Industries, USA; Ningbo Fotile Kitchenware Co., Ltd., China; Phar, Mexico; Premium Aviation, USA; Zhongshan Hechang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., China.

Welding machines manufactured in our facility are exported to many countries in the world (USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Spain, South Asia and Middle East countries).

Diversity of welding machines manufactured by GUANGZHOU DUROWELDER Ltd. with sales and technical support from WELDING TECHNOLOGIES, USA allows us to satisfy demand for dependable and cost effective quality equipment anywhere in the world.

Our Company is consumer oriented therefore we support our products not only with our extended Limited Warranty and detailed operator manuals but also throughout wide net of distributors in various regions. This distributor organization is continuously being expanded meeting demand for excellent customer support to customers who purchase our equipment.

Tel     :0086-020-84745137

Mob    :0086-13763302313

Fax      :0086-020-84742700


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